Fishing in Canada

2016-7-2 ~ 4

Quatsino BC, Canada

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 KAGOAGH  ɺ  182     Ÿ   ƴϾ ,   ٴٿ        ͵ ƴϴ.  ſ  dz  , װ ϳ װͿ  ƴϾ.    CBMC  ɺ          ̾; ٵ  .
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  ī ںǺ ; ϰ  , -  . ȶ   , ''  ۵, ε巯 Ը    λߴ.  ä Ʈ    11 ð    ־.  Ÿڻ,  ĵ Ÿ ª Ÿ Ŀ,  ߴ. â  óϱ⿡ ʹ ū  ,        Ϻ ̱ Ӹ     .   ģ     ٸ  Ʈ 'skunked'־, ;   ڶ Ϸ   ijġ ŷմϴ.
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 Ʈ ϵ ׿ ٽ Ʈ Ÿ ޾Ҵ,   ɲ  ημ ڽ  2 õ    ߻   ̻ ó Ͽ ...  ϴ     ٽ  ־  ɼǿ. ,    10    CBMCers    ߴ.     CBMC ܺ    Դϴ (׸ Ͻ   ÷̽ ).  δ  ߰ߵǴ Ģ   ϴ  ǥ մϴ.    ġѴ. ijٿ   ϳ    Һϸ  ģ Բ.
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This KAGOAGH experience wasnt about a fancy plane ride on Kevins Cessna-182, nor was it about catching lots of fish out in the open waters of Pacific. Although the food was exceptionally delicious and in abundance, it wasnt about that either. This trip was all about the CBMC and the brotherly connection with Kevin Joe and Young Han; foremost, Jesus.

The trip started out with visiting Kevins man-cave (plane hanger); once the plane was fueled up and ready to take-off, as we were taxiing out to the runway, a plane dropped out of the blue sky and crashed in front of us; the (student)pilot walked away from it, thankfully. Once in the air, the view of Vancouver was breath taking about 90 minutes later, we landed in Port Hardy Airport. From there, we took a boat ride to the Kagoagh Lodge located in Quatsino, BC Canada.

On our way in, we checked a couple of traps to find a dozen or so of the Pacific Dungeness Crab, harvesting our own dinner. Complimentary house wine and the micro brewery beer were offered, a wonderful extra touch. The dinner was an exceptionally delicious experience – real fresh catch of the day treat.

Next day started out with view of the Hecate Cove; a calm, tranquil and majestic – all at once. Stepping out to the patio area, was greeted by Rambo the German shepherd, a gentle and massive guard dog. After getting on the boat with skipper Chae, the following 11 hrs were pure fishing fun. After a short ride of butt-bruising, choppy wave ride, we were rewarded. When the swells got little too big for us to handle, we retreated to the area where our skipper whistled in some American Bald Eagles for us to take pictures of. It turns out that, because of the rough weather condition, all other boats in the area got skunked; where we proudly docked with our catches at the end of the day.

The dinner included an authentic Korean dish called, – Spicy Marinated Crab; old saying goes at the dinner table for two, wouldnt notice if one drops dead; too occupied enjoying the dish. The dinner was enhanced by the conversation with the skipper sharing his life story. He has lived thru enough unique experience, a volume of books can be written about him and his experiences.

We were given a boat ride back to Port Hardy Airport, we were treated to more of his wild experiences as well as his wisdom which only comes thru his second nature as a hunter and fisher We flew back to Vancouver with very little room to spare on the Visual Flight option. In the flight, I thought about how this trip went with these CBMCers I met over 10 yrs ago. There would be absolutely no reason for us all to be associated outside of CBMC (Connecting Business and Marketplace to Christ). We all share the common goal of running business according to the principles found in the Bible. Our family value also coincides with such. The week in Canada was well spent enjoying what God has created and it was with Godly friends.
God is good!



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