BAM case study

5/15/2009,  Canada


BAM̶ ΰ? 

Business As Mission – ʹ ̷ ְ ִ ̴.


For some, BAM is still misunderstood as:

Business For Mission. 

Mission disguised as Business. 

Business disguised As Mission. 

δ ϳ Ҿ ü̴.  ʹ ٸ 翬 ٸ.


̷ ̷ Ѵٸ.

Vector A cross Vector B = this should result in Vector AB. 

Vector B cross Vector A = this should result in - Vector AB. 


When all these are laid out in 3-D mathematical or physical point of view, the results are much easier to understand.  It basically generates the opposite result when the order is reversed.


BaM, BfM, whatever.

Need to realize that only a single digit percentage of all businesses survive the first 5 years of business.  Thus, it is paramount that all business follow the rules of business.  Unless there is a PROFIT, there is no BAM.  Matter of fact, it might even be safe to say that a typical NGOs nor NPOs can not be a true BAM. 



My personal take on BAM

In my professional and spiritual life, there have been two companies which caused the profound impact and understanding in regards to BAM.  Todays example also came around a full circle and is an integral part of my life.

Let me tell you a story.  I began to serve as a Trustee for CBU which my son just graduated from.  On the board, there is a member from TX, TN Jimmy Draper who was the president of Lifeway. From 1991 to 2006 he led the Lifeway. My largest client is Terminix ServiceMaster.



Service Master.  Terminix a single largest customer.

Honor God in all we do.

They called the meeting of all Xian universities in USA to train them in the new way of running a church, university. This began in Canada in the name of Policy Governess Model.  It is the world's most complete theoretical foundation for the board's governance role in business, nonprofit (NGO), and government organizations.


How can a ûȸ change the entire world?  Who would ever thought this could be possible.?   But they did.  This is the true BAM in large scale.  But definitely can be duplicated by the smaller organization.


Network of over 5,500 company-owned locations and franchised licenses.



Lifeway SBC affiliate

迡 ū ü SBC.  ⿡ ߿ Sunday School Board. Ⱓ 񿵸 ü ƴϰ ü.  For the very purpose of sending out the missionaries with the profit it makes.

           2,000 employees

           146 Stores

           2 conference centers: Glorieta N.M. & Ridgecrest N.C.



Dr. Jimmy Draper Jr. ʴ ٷ ٲ۴.

: cryofcaleb Korean editors were eliminated.



A&K case.

ͺ ٷ ϶

"To serve and honor our God in all we do, by answering our calls,
and profiting all involved."


, ȥ ī, ̳. Home School. ûҳ

ƹ Ƶ ȸ

Promise Keeper, Marriage Enrichment

All these are result of the others in the office doing the same thing.


Helping to start business.

,                 not Dog gives birth to Cat


ȸ ȸ Ű  not ȸ CBMC ȸ

ȸ ȸ               not ȸ

APC, AKgraphics, B&K C&K  E&K


Helping to setup initially;

based on a sound business principal.



Linking business to ministry

Or business leading into minisry.

ҳ, cityteam


Can we be part of the Kingdom building?  YES!

In our own and unique ways.

Let us not copy others, but rather look what God has in plan for each and every one of our businesses.